Not available for sale online!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the legislation regarding CBD beverages has quite settled here in Vermont, so we’re not able to sell this most delicious way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.
That being said, we have shared our recipe online for anyone who’d like to brew it up themselves!  A big thanks for our good friends at Cyberbrau.org for providing a completely free, online homebrewing recipe sharing, rating and review website for over 18 years now!


Why not add the health benefits of CBD, to a delicious, refreshing beer?  Blending the rich, earthy hop tones with the citrus notes of terpenes in whole plant extract CBD provides a surprisingly unique and aromatic experience.

Due to the ineffable and byzantine laws governing and regulating alcohol production and distribution, this tasty beverage isn’t available for online purchase.  Please contact us for any inquires.

7.2% ABV
58 IBUs
5mg CBD per 12oz



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