Payment Options

Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Monero- oh my!


Why does it seem difficult to buy CBD products with a credit card?  Searching online CBD sites, you’ll often see “Unable to accept credit cards” or “Cash only” in stores.  Why is this exactly?

Well, it seems that credit card processing companies, and even the credit card companies themselves (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) are a little behind the times on the current state of federal law in regards to Hemp and its derived products, and have started prohibiting the purchase of CBD base products.

This has made things a bit more difficult for us online shops, as currently the only options out there for taking credit cards are extremely sketchy “offshore processors” who only take on high-risk clients who are typically at best in the “grey area” of the law.

We here at Vesper Farms do not want to do business with these sorts of organizations, and would never want to subject our customers to their potentially unscrupulous behaviors.  That is why we have decided to wait out the situation with the traditional credit card processors, and have turned to other options.

Into the future with cryptocurrency!

A popular solution to this problem is to accept payment in  crypto currencies.  We have selected two of the most popular to accept:

Bitcoin and Monero

By far the most well known and widly used cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been in the business of providing secure, online currency and payments for over a decade now.

Using it for online purchase is secure, quick and simple.  With Bitcoin, you have complete control over your money, with no restrictions, penalties or fees– no 3rd party bank is required.

If you’re new to Bitcoin, a good reputable place to get started is Coinbase.  They let you setup an account and buy/sell Bitcoin, as well as other currencies.  You can even withdraw directly to your bank in USD, if you like.

 Another great option is to use Square, Inc’s popular CashApp to buy Bitcoin.  It is super quick and convenient to use, as seen here.

Wait, I’ve heard of Bitcoin, but what’s Monero?

Monero (or XMR) is one of the most innovative and popular of the alternative cryptocurrencies out there.  It has many benefits, but the most important is its privacy.  Every purchase with Monero is private, preventing prying eyes from discovering who you are, and your purchase history.

To get started, you can create a Monero wallet online in seconds at

You can buy Monero instantly from Changelly, with a credit card, and use it here.