Vesper Farms is a family-owned and operated company based in the rolling, green mountains of northern Vermont. We prepare and offer for sale the highest quality, certified CBD products.



Located in the rolling, green mountains of northern Vermont, Vesper Farms is family-owned and run. We are dedicated to creating the finest CBD products available anywhere. We hand-craft all our CBD from only the highest quality, 100% Vermont organically grown hemp. Our CBD oil is flavored with a touch of local Vermont Maple Syrup produced by our neighbors up the road.

Our Approach

Like many Vermonters, we feel a connection to the land we work, and a responsibility to nature.  That’s why we support only healthy, local, sustainable, organic agriculture, ensuring that all of the hemp grown and used in our extracts meets the highest standards.  100% of our hemp is grown right here in Vermont from certified sources.

A bit about us

Much like many of us here in Vermont, we spread our interests around. Of course we are passionate about our CBD, and producing the finest quality product anywhere, but why not combine all the things you love? 

So, you may see some unusual combinations here, but they can all weave together, in one way or another.  For example, you might ask, what on earth does HEMA and medieval sword fighting have to do with CBD? Or 3D-printing for that matter?

Well, CBD has a nearly magical ability to reduce the aches and pains racked up from a sword fight (well, with blunt blades at least).  And the older you get, the more aches you seem to accrue, so we find that a regular dose of CBD can help us enjoy what we love, longer and with less grumbling.

And 3D-printing?  Well, there’s no real connection there, except that making things is fun!  Being able to make manifest nearly anything you can imagine is the stuff of dreams, and with 3D printing, you can capture a bit of that magic.  Small repairs, homestead improvements, and endless doodads and toys are all on offer.   So, we just like to share the joy, and give everyone a small gift from our printshop to you.